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Our History

Ethan and Sophia WetzelIn 2009, the 5th grade teacher of cofounder Bryan Wetzel’s daughter called him for a conference.  The teacher was concerned that his daughter might not pass the math portion of the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT), which every 5th grader in Georgia must pass to be promoted to the next grade. 
For the next 10 days, Bryan spent two hours each day working with his daughter reviewing for the test.  He was surprised to find there just wasn’t much good tutoring materials available that was substantially different than what was already in his daughter’s textbook.  He found some videos on-line, but they were scattered all across the web and after finding one that was on-subject, he had to do a completely new search for another appropriate, helpful video. Even then, much of the available content wasn’t exactly what he needed to help his daughter. 
Bryan was familiar with Lynda.com, a website that had lessons available, through streaming video, on most major software packages.  Bryan Wetzel knew this process worked because of the success and longevity that Lynda.com had.  At this same time, cofounder Christopher Wilson was looking for tutors for his daughters.  Both Bryan and Chris saw how much the tutoring industry had expanded and also how expensive it could be for families with multiple children. Bryan knew he could put his two decades in video production and post-production editing to use, creating a better quality product than was then available.  So in 2010, Bryan and Chris began creating a model for how subject-specific, grade-appropriate educational lessons could be produced for on-line access by students in need, while also saving parents the staggering costs of private tutoring.  That next year Bryan and his wife Carrie, who is a teacher, began creating lessons and shooting, what would become the first math videos for Skubes.  Wetzel and Wilson began showing samples to parents of school-age children.  They met with homeschool parents, private school parents and parents with children in public schools.  What you see in Skubes.com today is the end-result of listening to the company’s core audience: parents who want to give their sons and daughters the best chance possible of academic success, while also fitting into the family budget. 

The final pieces to the puzzle fell into place in 2012.  After releasing interactive iBooks on iTunes in early 2012, which were written by Carrie Wetzel, Skubes began building its website with one goal in mind: the capacity to hold thousands of  educational videos, easily located and accessed.  That’s where Interactive Advantage Corporation and owner Ron Wincek come in.  Through a partnership with IAC, Skubes is building one of the largest learning management systems for K-12 education on the web.  The company’s intention is help as many families as it can, in both an affordable and easy manner.  Feel free to let us know how we’re doing.