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How It Works

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Skubes' video library is a vast resource of assistance to the student and parents. Presently our video content is focused on math videos, but in the near future will feature language arts and science.  This resource can be a tutor for your child or it can be a companion resource to tutoring you are already using.  Here’s a list of uses Skubes' video library can help with:

  1. Tutoring
  2. Studying
  3. Homeschool
  4. Homework Assistance
  5. End of the year review
  6. Parent assistance with topics
  7. Test Prep, including Benchmark and SAT
  8. Summer previewing for the upcoming school year



Once you are signed up for Skubes, you’ll have access to the thousands of educational videos, featuring teachers qualified to teach the grade levels and subjects they are working.  From any page on Skubes you can search for a video tutorial.  You can search  for videos by topic, subject, keywords, Common Core standard or grade level.  Any video you watch and want to remember for later review can be saved to your page and organized into playlist.  All the videos are kept short, so that a child who doesn’t understand a subject doesn’t have to search through or watch 30 minutes of videos to find the help they need.  We’ve broken the topics into small precise lessons.  And since we give you access to all grade levels, its easy to go back and learn or study an earlier topic that your child might have missed or never understood.  


From your membership page you can see video history and your playlist.  As a parent you can have an administrator password that will allow you see pertinent data, such as;  time spent watching tutorial videos, percent of videos completed, search terms entered and more.  


Father and son learning math together on Skubes through iPad In the Future

In the future each member will be able to take quizzes related to each video.  Our learning management system will guide each member on where to study based on their right and wrong answers.  This data will also be available to the parents through their administrator password.  Our Skubes' iBooks already have testing built in for each video topic.  


girl showing her understanding of math that Skubes math videos help with


Pros & ConsGirl showing off A plus grade that Skubes math videos helped her with

We’ve spent time talking with experts and researching the pros and cons of video tutorials.  Its commonly agreed upon that the pros and cons of video tutorials are equal to those of personal tutoring.  Many people might judge personal tutoring to be much better because of the interaction factor.  A personal tutor can answer questions, monitor answers and workflow.  But consider this; children learn through repetition and once a tutors time is up and they are no longer working with the student, you must pay them to come back and answer questions or to review subjects they may have already spent an hour teaching.  Tutors aren’t typically available at a moments notice, when your child is trying to finish homework at 8pm or trying to study for a test after baseball practice.  Having a tutor available at a moments notice and at anytime of the day or night will cost quite a bit of money.  Few have the monetary resources for this.  Skubes is available at a moments notice, to seek assistance with homework or studying for test.  And the best part, your child can watch the videos as often as they need and they can save them to review later.  And it won’t cost you anything extra and you won’t have to change your already busy schedule for Skubes.  We’re here when you need us.  This is why we believe for the best extra curricular assistance, adding Skubes to your already established tutoring schedule would be a big enhancement to the help you need for your child.  For those who can’t find the resources for expensive face to face tutoring, Skubes can help without breaking the bank. 

See video for search tips.