• by Bryan Wetzel - Mon, 08/29/2016 - 22:07

DIG SOUTH published an August 23, 2016 article titled GET SCHOOLED WITH THESE 11 SOUTHERN EDUCATION STARTUPS, which featured Skubes.  

Ah, back to school season. For some, late August conjures happy memories of new outfits, organized pencil pouches, and fresh composition notebooks ready to be filled with doodles. For others (we’re guessing you’re a college senior, a tired parent or teacher, or a school administrator…), perhaps this time of year fills you with some looming feeling of anxiety. But never fear! Beyond the school supply aisles of your local big box store, there’s an entire (and super fast-growing) industry dedicated to easing those fears. According to EdSurge, US education technology startups raised $1.85 billion in 2015, and Southern innovators are not missing out. These 11 companies have launched innovative digital solutions to help everyone from the kindergarten classroom to the university board pass with flying colors in 2016. 

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